Was it easier hanging out with your friends and emoting about saving the planet and chanting really badly than studying, let's say,

the Federalist papers or doing your physics lab? Well, come on, that's an easy answer, especially when schools excuse the absences, teachers themselves are encouraging the protests or the overwhelmingly left-wing and college admissions undoubtedly count activism as a legitimate extracurricular activity.

And naturally, members of Generation E believe they should get into the best colleges, even if they do not have the best grades or the best course. And they develop, by the way, this warped view of their own self-importance because Mommy and Daddy raised them to believe that they were special, really special. Special in every extra special way.

Come on, these are parents who hung their kids soccer participation medals on the bulletin board in the kitchen. They helped them write their term papers, they help them do their science projects. How else would an 8-year-old kid know how to design his own homework app. And as a college admissions fraud story revealed, these are the types of parents who even commit crimes to guarantee their kids have doors open for them.

I think it's important to ask this: What's the end result here? Well, many of these young people -- and it's not just the wealthy kids -- grow up to be demanding entitled adults, and even ingrates. And at a time when American students are falling behind in science and math and reading, more and more kids at the same time here are indulged and even encouraged to become political activists before they've even earned their first paycheck