Every year in America, drug overdoses kill more Americans than the entire Vietnam War. One of the main causes of that is fentanyl.

Much of which is smuggled across the Mexican border. In all of fiscal year 2013, the Feds seized a total of two pounds of fentanyl. That's enough to kill 450,000 people. In 2018, last year, Customs seized 1,747 pounds of fentanyl. That is almost 900 times as much. It's enough to kill 396 million people. That's more people than live in the United States and Canada combined.

Now, if that bothers you, are you a racist? Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the morons say, yes, you are. Everyone else understands that borders are what make a country. If you can't control who enters, you are a failed state.

On Wednesday, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen put it in perspective. She said that illegal arrivals at the Mexican border are set to hit one million by the end of this fiscal year. More illegals will come in the first six months of 2019, this year, than came in all of 2017. That's a crisis. It's also a humanitarian catastrophe.

"Today's migrant flows have created a humanitarian catastrophe," she said. "In one study, more than 30 percent of women reported sexual assault along the way and 70 percent of all migrants reported experiencing violence. Very unfortunately, because of the increase in violence at ICE, when we have families with children, we have to give every girl a pregnancy test over 10. This is not a safe journey."
Wait, what? It's not safe to walk through the Sonoran Desert? Migrants get raped trying to sneak into America? You must be a racist if you think that. Quick, somebody tell CNN, so they can denounce Nielsen as a white supremacist! Someone might believe her otherwise.

Meanwhile, the border degrades, and unaccompanied minors keep showing up here. Word has gotten out that almost nobody will ever be deported from this country, just claim asylum and get released.

Everyone in Central America knows this. Why wouldn't they? Since 2000, the number of pending immigration court cases has gone from barely 100,000 to more than 800,000. About 22 million illegal immigrants already live in the United States. That's more people than the populations of 16 U.S. states combined. That is more than the entire New York City metropolitan area, just of people here illegally.

But remember, it's not a crisis. It's a guaranteed Democratic majority for the next 100 years -- and that's a good thing. Ask CNN.
source: foxnews

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